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Classic Weddings. Memorable Events. Festive Celebrations.

Whether you're planning a conference, special event, or a wedding, we can help you coordinate the details to make it a memory that will last a lifetime. Our extensive inventory will meet your every need, from tables and chairs to china and linens. We can even tent your event when the party is outside.


White Lattice Chuppa (Delivery Only)



40" Column

72" Column

Full 72" Colonnade

Cape Cod Arch



Arch Decorations

Colonnade Decorations

Satin Bows

Chuppa Decorations















Brass Wedding Appointments


Heart Candelabra

Unity Candelabra

7-Lite Floor Candelabra

13-Lite Convertible Candelabra

14-Lite Spiral Candelabra

15-Lite Fan Candelabra

Clamp-on Aisle Candelabra

Paradise Candles

Kneeling Benches

Candle Lighter/Snuffer

Brass Wedding Arch

Crystal & Brass Centerpiece










 ea. $1.00

pair $40.00

ea. $10.00



Events & Galas

Custom Centerpieces

Pipe & Drape

Mirrored Disco Ball

40" Colonnade Bar

4x8 Platform

Easel- 3 Position 

Coat Rack



3-Gallon Fountain

5-Gallon Fountain

7-Gallon Fountain














Parties & Celebrations 

Ice Cream Cart*

Popcorn Cart*

Hot Dog Rotisserie

Snow Cone Machine*

Cotton Candy Machine*

White Guestbook Stand





*We carry/can supply the following items for resale upon request:

-Ice cream cones

-Popcorn seeds with seasoning/butter mix

-Cotton candy floss and cones

-Wax paper cones for snow cones

-Snow cone syrup (limited flavor selection)

-Liquid propane












Worried About Rain? We have you covered!


Check out our "Tent your Event" section!


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