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Tent your Event

Whether it's Summer or Winter, be ahead of the storm with one of Maryland Party Rental's classic tents!

Not sure what size tent you need?

Check out our Tent Specifications for more information

Tent Price List

Tent Information

All tents are white, fire retardant vinyl.


Canopy tents have at least one central upright pole and upright legs around the side stretching the tent top via lateral and downward tension with no inter-locking metal framework. A standard canopy has an 11 foot peak height.


The Century style canopy has a 14 foot peak height but is otherwise identical to the standard canopy.


Frame tents consist of a metal inter-locking framework with the tent top draped over and secured to the sides. Upright legs around the sides only, no central poles.


We do not carry any tent smaller than 20x20 and no single tent larger than 30x60. We can, however,  combine multiple tents to achieve your desired dimensions if larger than 30x60


20x20 Class

20x20 Canopy

20x20 Century

20x20 Frame

400 Sq.Ft/40-70 Guests


30x30 Class

30x30 Frame

900 Sq.Ft/90-180 Guests


30x60 Class

30x60 Century

1800 Sq.Ft/180-360 Guests


Tent Combinations


800 Sq.Ft/80-160 Guests



2700Sq.Ft/270-540 Guests



*All tent prices include set-up and breakdown of the tent























Optional Extras


Perimeter Lighting

4 Light Chandelier

Olympia Lamp Post

Corner Uplight


    -100 lb. Propane tank
Dance Floor 3'x3'









+$25.00 Installation fee

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